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Killer Sudoku is an addictive and highly interesting puzzle. It combines elements of two fascinating logic puzzles: straight sudoku and kakuro. The element from sudoku is the fact that you must place 1 - 9 once in each row and column and 3x3 box of the grid. The element from kakuro is that there are certain sums in the grid that you must use to help ascertain the unique solution to the killer sudoku puzzle.

These two rule sets from the two different puzzles combine to make the very interesting puzzle that is killer sudoku. And the great thing is that every grid is slightly different, with the differing shapes of the sum regions and the totals within them able to dictate many subtle solving rules and a large range of difficulties, from fairly straightforward puzzles through to really difficult puzzles.

The links below will tell you a little more about the rules of this intriguing puzzle, and then walk you through some of the most important solving strategies, as well as explaining how those strategies work.

Finally, we look at some of the most important variants that have started to appear to killer sudoku in the last couple of years. There are also some links on the left hand menu that will allow you to play killer sudoku online and also download an electronic PDF of 100 puzzles killer sudoku magazine.

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New! You can now play 100 killer sudoku puzzles for free - just visit the Play Online page to choose from 100 puzzles to play, or go straight to killer sudoku puzzle 1. We also have a Daily Killer Sudoku puzzle you can play online or print off in PDF format, enjoy the puzzling!

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killer sudoku Here are some links to more information about the fascinating puzzle that is killer sudoku:

If you would like to play lots of killer sudokus, then why not buy a book of puzzles? Here's a link to two Killer Sudoku Books.

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